PPW #2 – Where Have I Been & What Have I Been Up To?

I am sure many of you might have noticed that I haven’t been updating my blog lately and it has been bugging me for a while now, but as you also know – life happens and sometimes we must choose carefully what we prioritize…


Before I went MBIA {Missing-Blogger-In-Action}, I started a series called PPW – Personal Post Wednesday (INTRO POST), as a way for me to give you a bit more insight into my life. So, I thought it would be an awesome idea to use this Wednesday to tell you what I have been up to and what still lies ahead.

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PPW #1- Liebster Award

You are probably wondering what PPW stands for, right? Well, PPW stands for ‘Personal Post Wednesday’ and this is will be the first one of many. Lately, I have realized that my blog is very information driven and I don’t make enough effort to share information about the girl behind the blog… Related posts: PPW

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