One Simple Way to Reuse Scrap Paper

My mother has taught me a lot about organizing and keeping things in their rightful place, but the one thing that really stood out is the way she reuses scrap paper…


If you haven’t gone fully digital yet, you are bound to have some papers laying around your house, some used, some not. Sometimes we feel that we can’t use certain types of papers for school or a project or in a professional context, so we tend to either let it clutter up a drawer or we throw it away.

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PPW #1- Liebster Award

You are probably wondering what PPW stands for, right? Well, PPW stands for ‘Personal Post Wednesday’ and this is will be the first one of many. Lately, I have realized that my blog is very information driven and I don’t make enough effort to share information about the girl behind the blog… Related posts: Official

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