// 27 Before 28 Challenge with Freebie //

Whoop whoop, yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday!!


Last year on my birthday, I shared a post called 26 before 27 challenge (you can read it here). Let me tell you, I FAILED miserably… I think it seemed like a good idea at the time, but then I never fully committed to it like I planned it out in my mind.

This year, I decided to push the reset button and start over again. I made a copy of my free … BEFORE … sheet, which can be downloaded in my previous post (here’s the link) and re-made my list of 27 things to do before my 28th birthday.


Like I mentioned in my previous post, the items on this list aren’t goals that I want to achieve, it is more a list of fun things to do and experience throughout the year before my next birthday. This year’s list might include a few items from my previous year because it is still something I really want to do. Let’s get to it then…


#ONE – Plan an epic UK adventure.

#TWO – Learn to cook 27 new dishes.

#THREE – Read at least 10 books, cover-to-cover.

#FOUR – Go to a musical/theater show with my hubby.

#FIVE – Create a photo wall.

#SIX – Do a 5km fun run.

#SEVEN – Eat no junk food for 28 consecutive days.

#EIGHT – Start a recipe binder.

#NINE – Create a proper birthday calendar.

#TEN – Visit an art gallery.

#ELEVEN – Go camping for a weekend.

#TWELVE – Do 27 intentional random acts of kindness.

#THIRTEEN – Write a letter to my friend in New Zealand.

#FOURTEEN – Start a devotional and prayer journal.

#FIFTEEN – Go on a photography course.

#SIXTEEN – Make 10 DIY’s from Pinterest.

#SEVENTEEN – Go wall climbing with my hubby.

#EIGHTEEN – Build 5 big puzzles.

#NINETEEN – Do a 365 photo challenge.

#TWENTY – Visit Scotland.

#TWENTY-ONE – Create an awesome work area.

#TWENTY-TWO – Have 52 date nights with my hubby.

#TWENTY-THREE – Drink more than 2 liters of water for 14 consecutive days.

#TWENTY-FOUR – Update my blog headshots.

#TWENTY-FIVE – Go for a spa day.

#TWENTY-SIX – Try at least 12 new restaurants.

#TWENTY-SEVEN – Have a picnic at the botanical gardens.

I am super excited to get started, I have already created a detailed plan-of-action on how I am going to tick off every single thing on this list, so hold thumbs and let’s do this thing :)

If you would also like to make a list of your own, I have created a template for your convenience – click here to get it.


I would love to hear from you, so let me know what you have added to your list? Maybe I can get some awesome ideas for next year.

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