20 Free or Almost Free Date Night Ideas

Feb 23, 2016 | 52 Weeks of Dating My Husband, Simply Relational

Date nights are meant to be fun, exciting, and totally awesome. Doing the same thing over and over is not my definition of having a good time…

Think of it like this, you have decided that every Tuesday night is date night – yay for date night! But now nobody is really in charge of planning your date nights, so you get to Tuesday night, stare each other in the face and ask that dreaded question – “So honey, what should we do for date night?”. Then both of you sit there looking at each other and start a questioning tug-of-war. “We can go out to dinner?” – “Na, we did that last week…”. I am sure you get my point because we have all been there.

To avoid those awkward date night scenarios, I have compiled a list of 20 totally awesome FUN AND EASY date night ideas, just for you. These dates take little preparation, but if you make the effort, you will reap the rewards. PLUS you don’t always need a lot of money to have fun.

Here is the list of 20 easy and fun date night ideas:



I love baking, but I also know that not everybody shares my passion. In order to have fun in the kitchen, bake a cake from scratch. It doesn’t have to be a fancy cake, just a plain old chocolate cake with your favorite frosting. Get a recipe online or from your mother, buy the ingredients and get baking. You can both learn something new and have a grand time doing it.

Additional fun tip: Get some fun toppings and use your imagination to decorate the cake in a unique way. Make it your own.

#2 – Create a Pretty Portrait

Cost: FREE

This can be so much fun. Grab any art supplies you have around the house (if you don’t have paint, grab some coloring pencils or crayons), get a sheet of paper, and draw your own version of your partner. Allocate at least 30 to an hour and produce your best quality work.

Additional Fun Tip: If you don’t have any colorful art supplies, get a few magazines, scissors, and glue to make a portrait collage. Have fun with it.

# 3 – Learn Something New from YouTube 


Ever wondered how to do a salsa? Or even how to make salsa? Then you would definitely be able to learn something from YouTube. Make a list of 5 new things you would like to learn, then choose your favorite one and start searching your videos. Watch them together and make notes or even practice what you have just learned.

Additional Fun Tip: This can be turned into a new date night idea if the thing you want to learn allows it. For example, if you chose to learn salsa, why not go to an event where you can practice your salsa? Olè…

#4 – Movie Marathon with a Twist 


Who says watching movies can’t be extra fun? Rather than just watching a movie (how boring), get a theme going. For example, plan a day where you can watch your favorite trilogy, say Pirates of the Caribbean. Get all the movies, get all your snacks and drinks, make a huge comfy family bed in the living room, dress up like pirates and watch the movies together. Or if you chose Lord of the Rings, you can dress up like hobbits.

Additional Fun Tip: You can also theme your snacks and drinks according to the movies of your choice and decorate the room accordingly. Just think of the possibilities.

#5 – Write Love Letters to Each Other

Cost: FREE

From time to time, it is special to receive a handwritten letter to feel special. Create a romantic setting with candles and chocolate, get your paper and pens, and write the most beautiful love letters to each other, even if it may sound cheesy. Give at least 30 minutes and then exchange your letter and read them out loud to each other. BEWARE this can cause serious emotions like crying, laughing, flirting, and a warm cuddly feeling inside.

Additional Fun Tip: Get some extra crafting supplies and decorate the letter with embellishments and stickers. Time to get your craft on…

#6 – Take a Class Together


Get out of your comfort zone and look at some local classes on offer. Say you both want to explore photography or learn how to cook Mexican food. See if there are any classes available on your topic of choice and if it’s in your price range, book it. This can teach you so much about each other and widen your interest field.

Additional Fun Tip: Try doing something out of your comfort zone, maybe both of you know nothing about Italian cuisine but taking a cooking class can help you explore the topic to see if you like it or not.

 7 – Cook a 3-Course Theme Meal


Choose a theme, like Mexican. Do research on one starter, one main dish, and one dessert. Get a few decor inspiration pics and then get everything ready for the evening. On your date night, decorate your dinner table, cook the meal together and then have your feast. Cooking together can be so much fun, plus you get to learn something new, so it’s a win-win.

Additional Fun Tip: Go even deeper and learn something new about their culture and traditions.

#8 – Build your Dream Home


We can all do with a little bit of dreaming and swooning over our dream home. For this date, all you need is a Pinterest account, a laptop, and an internet connection. Create a board called Our Dream Home and start searching images and only pinning those that both of you find appealing. You will surely learn much more from each other than expected. Take CAUTION, Pinterest can be a little bit addictive, just to warn you in advance.

Additional Fun Tip: This can create an additional date, if for instance, if you see something that you would like to DIY for your house, you can plan to make it together.

#9 – Have a Picnic at your local Botanical Gardens


This might sound like a cliché, but I can assure you, it’s not. Why? Because by visiting your local Botanical Gardens, you are not only contributing towards nature conservation, but you also get the opportunity to have an awesome time in a safe and beautiful environment.

Additional Fun Tip: Whilst enjoying a picnic, take a book along and read it out loud to each other. 

#10 – DIT (Do-It-Together) It


Rather than Doing-It-Yourself, why not, Do-It-Together? Find an easy DIY project, collect the materials needed and arrange a date to complete the project. Make it something special, that you would want to display or maybe give to someone.

Additional Fun Tip: If you don’t want to create something for yourselves, why not create something awesome for a friend and give it to them as a present?

#11 – Be a Child Again


Go to your favorite fast food restaurant, buy a kiddies meal and milkshake, then make your way to your local bookstore, go to the kids’ section and grab your most loved children’s book. Sit together and read it out loud.

Additional Fun Tip: Buy your favorite book and share it with your kids.

#12 – Have Fun on the Run


Dust off those running shoes and participate in a fun run together. This might not be your ideal date, but it will promote health and fitness in your relationship, which is good. And it is a great way to encourage each other.

Additional Fun Tip: Dress the alike. Choose the same color scheme and go all out.

#13 – Go on a Factory Tour


Do some research on local factories in your area that offers an educational tour. Book the tour and enjoy a fun day out with your partner learning about whatever factory you are visiting. It is also a great way to explore the city.

Additional Fun Tip: Go to a nearby café and enjoy a lovely lunch. Discuss your experience and thoughts on the tour.

#14 – Act like a Tourist


Do some research on local attractions in your neighborhood that you haven’t visited before like a monument, a market, or a statue. Try to get at least 4 or 5, then take your camera, drive around your city and visit each of these places. Take cute pictures along the way.

Additional Fun Tip: Get a short history behind the attraction or place and act as a local tour guide.

#15 – Plan your Dream Vacation


Follow the same instructions, as per point 8. This time just plan your dream vacation. Think of where you would like to go, what you would like to see and eat, and where you would like to stay.

Additional Fun Tip: Create a travel savings jar for your dream vacation.

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#16 – Ice-Cream (You-Scream, We-All Scream for Ice-Cream)


Who doesn’t like ice cream? Especially on those hot summer days, when nothing else seems to keep you cool! Go to your favorite ice cream shop, buy two ice-creams (of your choice, of course) and just enjoy it together.

Additional Fun Tip: If you have a little extra money, go to one of those shops you can fill your own cup with ice cream and toppings. Then challenge each other to a “Best Ice-Cream Cup Wins” challenge. Remember you have to eat it afterward, so don’t go too crazy…

#17 – Create a Couples Bucket List

Cost: FREE

Think of at least 20 things you would want to experience together and write them down. If you are stuck on ideas, do a bit of research and keep in mind places that you want to visit, things that you want to do or see, food that you want to eat and experience that you want to have, etc. The possibilities are endless. Be creative.

Additional Fun Tip: You can add your dream vacation to your bucket list and start a combined savings jar. It is good to dream together, but better to actually make those dreams a reality.

#18 – volunteer together

Cost: FREE

Go to a local animal shelter and volunteer your services to help them out for the afternoon. Think of all those cute animals you can cuddle with and do some service for your local community.

Additional Fun Tip: Get friends and family involved and gather donations like food, blankets, and toys for our lovable furry friends, I am sure they would appreciate it.

#19 – Have a Board Game Night


I love playing board games, I must admit that I can get a bit competitive at times, but who doesn’t, right? Get a nice two-player game like Rummikub, four-in-a-row, or monopoly, and fire away. Remember to keep it light and casual.

Additional Fun Tip: Create a mini-competition with prizes. For every win, you get a kiss and five wins get you a back-rub (or something along the lines).

#20 – Double the Fun


You don’t always have to have date night alone. If you have some great couple friends, why not arrange a combined date? One couple can be in charge of the food and the other the entertainment. This is a great way to build up your friendship and have a good time.

Additional Fun Tip: Mix it up. The next time the other couple is in charge of the food and you are in charge of the entertainment.

There you have it, 20 date night ideas that don’t suck, and you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Let me know, which one is your favorite. Do you have any other ideas that we can consider? I would love to hear from you, feel free to comment below.

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  1. Marné

    I really like this list because it’s so unique and most of these ideas I’ve never heard of before! One of our favourite activities is to go and scroll around in a massive toy shop and look at everything. There’s so many new stuff that weren’t available when we were kids.
    Another one is to visit The Gadget Shop and just have fun with everything inside. Not always necessary to buy something, but the hour spent inside was well worth it :)

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