5 Strategies to a More Productive Morning

Mar 15, 2016 | Simply Live, Simply Organize, Time Management

You get some people who are totally just made for mornings, they always seem to wake up fresh and rejuvenated at 05:00, go for a morning run, do some quiet time, have a healthy breakfast, get ready for work, and all this before 07:00. That is definitely not me…

This is me in the morning, I wake up at 07:30 – half asleep, drag myself out of bed, take a shower, then I forget to eat breakfast, but obviously, I have my morning coffee and then I just sit for a moment wondering if I should go to the gym or not, then my mind wanders to other things that need to be done, total chaos. You can clearly see and feel the difference in those two examples (well, the second one is actually how I start my day). Change is needed.

If we want to change we must have a plan of action. Being productive in the mornings will not only give you a boost for the day ahead, but it will also help to relieve the stress from being disorganized. Everybody deserves to have the best mornings ever, if you’re a morning person or not. Here are 5 ways to have a more productive morning and make the most of your day.


#1 – Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day

Yes, you have read it right even on SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS. Waking up at the same time every morning will help your internal clock adjust and go into automatic mode. When you get into that natural rhythm, you will find that waking up at a specific time is not that difficult at all. This is also true for going to bed, to function optimally, we need a steady night-time routine.

#2 – Wake up to natural light.

If it is at all possible, try not to sleep with dark blinds or curtains that block out natural light. Sleeping in complete darkness is awesome, but if no sunlight is allowed through in the morning our bodies can get confused about what time of day it is, thus making it harder to wake up. Let that natural light in, you will feel a world of difference.

#3 – Have a set morning routine

I wrote a whole post about that HERE. Just like waking up at the same time every morning our bodies and minds strive for a steady routine, the more you practice your routine the more productive your mornings will be.

#4 – Know your schedule and to-do list for the day

If you know what needs to be done and the how, when, and where, you are halfway there already. Being frazzled wastes so much time during the day, but having set priorities and to-do’s will make you so much more productive and keep you SANE!

#5 – Have a set weekly routine in place.

The best way to start is by knowing your priorities. Your routine could include (but is not limited to) work routine, church activities, home cleaning schedules, date nights, home-schooling schedule, kids’ activities, etc. This is pretty much just like setting up a morning routine, you will just allocate certain tasks and activities for a certain day.

By implementing these strategies, there is no need to have a disorganized morning ever again. A little planning and preparation can go a long way. The best part is, that you will reap the benefits of your efforts.

If you are looking for even more ways to have a productive morning, CLICK HERE.

Do you have any tips on being more productive in the mornings? I would love to hear from you, feel free to comment below.

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