My Book Bucket List [FREE PRINTABLE]

In my previous post, Easy Book Tracking System for Avid Readers, I shared with you a printable sheet that can help you keep track of the books that you’ve already read, as well as keep track of the books you are reading at this moment.


Then I thought to myself, but what about those books that you REALLY, REALLY want to read, but haven’t found the time, yet? There are so many books that I still want to get my hands on, but like I mentioned before, I am not always that on top of things. Plus trying to remember some 50 odd books, I still want to read, is nearly impossible.

That is why I create these magnificent printable templates, to help me live a more organized and simple life. It is also my passion to share my ideas with you, so that you too can create a more organized life for yourself. Enough of the emotional stuff, now for the good stuff…


Just like my book tracking template, this is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is download your MY BOOK BUCKET LIST, by clicking on the image below.


After your download, print the document and you are ready for action. Start writing down all the books you want to read in your lifetime. As new one’s come out, add them to the list. Remember this is a bucket list, it is not meant to overwhelm you in any way, but it’s rather there to inspire you to read more of the books you want to read.

Whenever you want to start a new book, just reach for your book bucket list and pick one of those long awaited treasures. When you have finished a book on your book bucket list, make a giant tick next to it, do a victory dance and pick your next adventure…


I would love to hear from you – what books would you put on your book bucket list? I really want to expand my book bucket list.

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