DIY – Appreciation Jar for that Special Someone

There is something special about someone paying you a compliment. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We all have a need to be loved and appreciated, it is in our nature, and it is a vital part of who we are.


To receive compliments is one thing, to give compliments is a whole other story. Personally, I must make a conscious effort to give compliments to my hubby, because it’s not something that comes naturally to me, at all.

In an effort to show my hubby more appreciation and give him the credit and compliments he deserves, I created an appreciation jar. This probably the most effective way to give out a compliment and let the other person keep it to read over and over again.



|1 x Decent Size Jar | 1 x Black Marker | 1 x Pretty Paper | 1 x Roll of Washi Tape | A Few Piece of Scrap Paper |


::: STEP 1 :::

Create a sign for your jar.

Take your black marker and pretty piece of paper, then write

“APPRECIATION JAR OF …{insert the person’s name}”.


::: STEP 2 :::

Paste your handwritten sign onto the jar with washi tape.


::: STEP 3 ::

Take the rest of the scrap paper and start writing out compliments. Create at least 10 to start with.

Here are some examples:


::: STEP 4 :::

Fold and place all your appreciations into the jar.


::: STEP 5 :::

Present the jar to your special someone and let them read the notes to you out loud.

::: STEP 6 :::

Don’t stop there, make an effort to create new compliments on a weekly basis. Small or big, it won’t go unnoticed.


Creating an appreciation jar is not only quick, but it’s so much fun. Plus you can decorate the jar any way you want and I can guarantee you that – the person who receives the jar will be thrilled by your effort and appreciation.

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