One Simple Way to Reuse Scrap Paper

My mother has taught me a lot about organizing and keeping things in their rightful place, but the one thing that really stood out is the way she reuses scrap paper…


If you haven’t gone fully digital yet, you are bound to have some papers laying around your house, some used, some not. Sometimes we feel that we can’t use certain types of papers for school or a project or in a professional context, so we tend to either let it clutter up a drawer or we throw it away.


In order to reduce waste and make use of all those unwanted pieces of scrap paper, my mom came up with this SUPER IDEA of creating little note cards and using them to write her to-do lists, shopping lists or any other important information.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you do the same, it’s really simple. And you will have the added benefit of getting more organized in the process.

::: STEP 1 :::

Collect all the scrap paper you can find around the house.


::: STEP 2 :::

One-by-one, take your scrap paper and cut them into decent size squares.


::: STEP 3 :::

Get a pretty box (or make one) and place all your square notes into the box. Always have a pen close by {this will come in handy}.


::: STEP 4 :::

Place the box in a central place in the house.


::: STEP 5 :::

Whenever you need to make a list or remember something important, grab a square and jot it down.


::: STEP 6 :::

Stick the square on the fridge or at your command center and be more organized in an instant.


There you have it, a simple way to re-use scrap paper laying around the house.

Even if you don’t have scrap paper, you can still have fun with this idea. For example, buying pretty paper and cutting it up to form small note cards. And using them to organize your life…

What is the one organizing trick that you learned from your mother? I would love to hear from you, please feel free to comment below.


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