Official Blog Launch + Awesome Freebie

I am so excited to announce – this blog is officially online and ready for action.

Official Blog Launch - Simply Organize Life


I always knew that I would like to do something unique and different. Over the years I have learned a few basic design and blogging skills that really got me thinking that there must be something more than your average 9-5. I have been following various blogs for quite a while now and that’s when it hit me:


After the great realization, it took quite a while to get everything in place. Long hours of research, planning, setting out my ideas and developing a blog that I absolutely love. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far, but it will always be a work in progress, so I am taking things – one step at a time.

I am definitely not the most organized person in this world, my hubby can vouch for that, but I started this blog, as a motivation and inspiration to become a more organized person. The more organized you are, the more time you have to spend on the things in life that are REALLY important like spending time with family and friends, having fun or even starting a new hobby.

More of my journey can be found on my {ABOUT ME} page!


People don’t define you, you define yourself. You are the only person on this planet that know what is best for you. You are the only person that knows your deepest dreams and desires. In my case, it is to be a blogger and staying at home to be the best wife for my husband that I can be. Not everybody understands this dream or even agree with it, but it is who I am and I will give it 110%. I will never know if I do not give it a try.

If you have dreams but have always been too afraid to follow them just GO FOR IT!

Follow Your Dreams - Simply Organize Life


As a token of my appreciation that you have stopped by, I would like to offer you a free 2016 {Make Every Moment Count} Calendar, which is just in time to start planning for the New Year.

To get the calendar – just click on the link below, enter your name and email address and you will have instant access. By entering your email address, you will also be subscribed to my weekly newsletter, where you will have access to my latest content and freebies – straight to your inbox.

Official Blog Launch - Simply Organize Life

I would love to hear from you – do you have a dream that you have never pursued but would like to give it a try? Or are you already living your dream? Let me know…

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