8 Ways to Save Money when Grocery Shopping

Feb 11, 2016 | Money Saving Tips, Simply Organize

Grocery shopping can eat away at your monthly budget, especially if you don’t have the right systems in place. Being disorganized can cost you a lot of extra money, which could have been saved, for that new sofa you so desperately need.

We have all been there before, it’s the middle of the month, you look at your bank account and think to yourself, ‘What are we going to eat for the next two weeks?’ or at least something like that. In order to avoid the above-mentioned scenario, I would like to share 8 ways that have helped our family save money on our monthly grocery bill.

// 8 Ways to Save Money When Grocery Shopping //

# 1 – Create a meal plan

This one is SUPER important, not having a meal plan is like going into an exam without a pen! YOU NEED A MEAL PLAN! If you know what meals you will be preparing, you will know exactly what to buy. This translates directly into mega savings because you don’t just buy random items you might not even need or go to waste.

#2 – Know what you already have

Just like having a meal plan, it is important to know what you already have in your kitchen and pantry. By knowing what you have, you can avoid spending money on buying doubles or overstocking. Another benefit is, that you can incorporate the items you already have into your meal plan, using them up before their expiry dates, thus saving you money.

#3 – Know your prices

It always helps if you know the average price of certain items, which you regularly buy. When you decide to go to a new store, you will immediately be able to distinguish if they have good prices or not. It will also help you with point 6.

#4 – Know your specials

The key to saving money on groceries is to know your specials. I buy almost everything on special. This does not necessarily mean overstocking the item, but if you know it is something that you regularly use, and you need it, buy 2 instead of one. Most grocery stores have their specials on their websites, check them before you go shopping.

#5 – Create a shopping list and stick to it

You have your meal plan, and you know your specials, so this should creating a shopping list should be easy. Be critical when setting up your list, don’t just add random items, go according to your meal plan and store specials. When you are in the store, don’t buy anything that’s not on the list. You have created it for a reason.

More ways to get organized with lists: 5 Lists To Make To Get Organized

#5 – Know where to buy

Some grocery stores have better prices on certain items than other stores. That is why, if you know your prices (point number 3), it would become second nature to know which items you must buy at which store. Just be careful that you don’t spend more time and money on transport going from store to store and at the end of the day, you don’t really save any money.

# 7 – Use your store loyalty card

By swiping your loyalty card or scanning your coupons, you not only get cash back rewards, but you also sometimes get additional savings, just because you are part of their program. How awesome is that?

#8 – Shop alone

You will be more focused and be able to go in and out of the store without any hassles. If you have children, try to arrange with your hubby to look after them, whilst you go shopping, it will save your sanity.

There you have it, 8 ways you can save money when grocery shopping. Implementing these strategies and making them a part of your monthly routine can save you a lot of time and money. I am sure most of us can do with a little more of both!


Do you have any other money-saving tips, when it comes to grocery shopping? Please feel free to comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Marné

    Loved this Loné!! I went grocery shopping this afternoon and was also thinking along similar lines like the 8 points you mentioned. It’s so easy to over-spend inside a grocery store because it’s small items that all adds up.
    In my case, I save money by taking my husband along, he’s a lot strickter on the grocery list than I am! ??

    • Loné Dann

      Thanks, Marné! I totally agree, it’s those small items, here and there that can cause major overspending. I am sure having a strict shopping buddy, can be very helpful :D My hubby makes me nervous when we do grocery shopping, so I just leave him at home.

  2. Liza

    So true! Especially the part about the kids!!

    • Loné Dann

      Kids have the special ability to help you buy things you do not need, but we still love them :) Thanks for your comment!

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